Tablet Watch: ASUS EEE Transformer TF101 and Apple's iPad2

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since everyone here already did decent laptop reviews, i decided to do something else. considering now everyone is IT-savvy and the iPad2 fever is hitting us hard especially yg nak beli stuff before departure nanti, so i think it would be best if i did something on tablets.

Okay, sume orang tau yang iPad2

tu sangat awesome and all with the games and apps tapi aku akan try to compare dengan another competitor from the Android family yang boleh menyaingi kemampuan iPad2 ni, especially for those yang taknak diserap ke dalam dunia komersial dan monopoli Apple. The products that I would be comparing it with is, ASUS EEE Pad Transformer, an Android platform tablet.

Comparisons would done simply by Design, Operating System(OS), Battery Life, Display, Camera, and Processor. and yes of course, Price.

iPad 2 boasts a slim and sleek and light body, being just 8.8mm thick and 601g while the EEE Pad is considerably thicker and heavier in comparison at 680g and 12.9mm thick. However the ASUS EEE Pad offers a detachable keyboard dock which amounts to almost 1.6kg together with the tablet. This allows it to "transform" itself into a nifty netbook that allows users to benefit its whole screen for typing documents instead of a virtual keyboard hogging half of your small tablet screen.

The Apple iPad 2, like its predecessor, retains the simplicity in its design, hence having no other docks aside from its earphone jack and charging dock, which can be used for other attachments like a HDMI adapter. The ASUS EEE Pad meanwhile, has a microSD card reader, mini HDMI port and an audio jack on the tablet itself. If attached to the keyboard, you now have 3 additional USB ports and a standard card reader, just like a netbook.

So here, iPad 2 is more suitable to those who wants a tablet that is more fun and leisure, while the EE Pad Transformer is for those who wants to do assignments on-the-go but do not want to carry their heavy laptops and yet have a fun tablet.

The Apple iPad 2 runs on iOS 4.3 while the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer runs on Android Honeycomb 3.0. Well, based on experience testing it out, both are able to handle multitasking pretty well.

The iPad 2 is equipped with a 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 chip, together with 1GB / 512 MB of RAM. Storage-wise, it’s available with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. Meanwhile, Eee Pad is powered by 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with 1GB / 512MB of RAM, available in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. There's not much difference in terms of performance for these two but I can assure you that the Apple iPad 2 offers a much fluent and smoother experience in terms of panel swapping or browsing whereas the EEE Pad suffers a small problem as it is a bit slow and even lags during browsing. However, that only happens when you try to swipe the screens like mad, which I believe you will not do as much.

The Apple iPad is renowned for its 10-hour-long battery life, which the iPad 2 inherits. The ASUS EEE Pad also provides a decent 8-9 hours worth of battery life, standard for any tablet but once connected to the keyboard, you can enjoice on a full fledge 16-hour worth of tablet goodness! (as they claim)

The iPad 2 sports a 9.7inch backlit IPS LCD 1024 x 768 screen while the EEE Pad prides itself with a 10.1incg IPS capacitive 1280 x 800 screen, which is significantly larger and more HD-ish as compared to the iPad 2. Both promises a fairly similar crisp and beautiful display and interface, ensuring maximum satisfaction using them.

Lets's be honest, you're not going to carry any of these 10-something inch screens just to catch a beautiful scenery. I'm not saying this because of its impracticality but more towards the quality of picture they produce. Both offers dual camera; front and back camera. The iPad 2 offers 0.3MP camera in front and a 720p camera at the back while the EEE Pad offers a 1.3MP in front and a 5MP camera at the back. The iPad users would have the comfort of using its built in iMovie app to instantly edit the video taken while the EEE Pad doesn't have one however it boasts much better quality cameras. This being said, they are not the best choices to use when you want to shoot a movie, it's much more suited to cater to taking spontaneous and random shots on-the-go when you have no other camera around.

Well, the iPad 2 retails at RM 1499 (this is the price on the Apple site for online purchase). Meanwhile, the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer sells at RM1489 for the tablet only and RM 1799 for both keyboard dock and the tablet.

For more on these products, you can go to ASUS EEE Pad Transformer official page or the Apple iPad 2 official page.

And also, a video review on the competition between the two.

Now, you choose :)

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